Tips For Better Urban Landscape Photography

Urban scenes aren’t always considered landscape photos, but they certainly count. From bustling big cities to sleepy small communities, urban landscapes are a subset of landscape photography well worth exploring. So what do we need to consider when making art in the human jungle?

Consider Leading Lines

Leading lines are a fundamental element of photography composition. This technique implements natural and man-made lines in your image to lead the attention of your viewer. The iconic urban landscape photograph of a busy neon colored road leading to a major city is a classic example of this. Our eyes catch first the colorful line of cars in the foreground and naturally follow them downtown. Urban landscapes are one of the best places to explore this technique, with power lines, roads, buildings, windows, and more all creating obvious lines for you to use.
Tips for Better Urban Landscape Photography

Adding Movement to the Image

Architecture may be static but it need not appear so in the final photo. What moving elements can you capture to add energy? Cars, trains, animals, and even people can add a creative flair. The best way to manipulate the feeling of motion is with shutter speed. This works especially well with a city landscape image where the perspective is “big and bustling.”

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