The Most-Bought Landscape Stock Ideas

If you’re aiming to make money from your landscape photography, then selling stock is an excellent option that you may not have maximized yet. Stock images can be bought at a low price for single usage, or they can be bought at a higher price for exclusive rights, whichever feels best to you. All of your efforts might go to waste if you’re not capturing the right images for the market, however. Here are some of the best-selling ideas for landscape stock photography, based on the images that have been bought most often in the landscape category.

Rising sun, misty mountain

An image of the sun rising slowly from a misty or ethereal mountain range, or breaking out from behind clouds, is always going to be a winner. One of the biggest markets for this kind of image is self-help book covers. If you incorporate a human figure into your landscape, perhaps jumping joyfully in silhouette or throwing their arms up into the sky, you could sell even more images. This is a good category to aim for as there are lots of variations you could try – stormclouds, evening sky, morning sunrise, with or without humans, different landscapes below, and so on. The idea is to create the impression of a journey, and the appearance of hope or success at the summit.

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