How to Use Portrait Techniques for Landscape Shots

If you do things the same way as everyone else, you aren’t likely to stand out from the crowd. But if you can do things in a new, unexpected way, you will make much more of a mark – and when it comes to photography, having a special technique could allow you to hugely expand your client base and see more work coming in.

While there are many defined and established styles of photography, mixing them up together can have much more interesting and unusual results. One idea is to take landscape photographs as if you were taking a portrait instead. Using portraiture techniques on landscapes without human presence can take some getting your head around, but if you try out these exercises, you should be able to see what a difference it makes.
How to use portrait techniques for landscape shots

Focus on the eyes

When taking portraits, one hugely important rule of thumb is to ensure good focus on the eyes. Like all great rules, it is possible to break it successfully, but more often than not, poor focus on the eyes can ruin a photograph.

But how do you apply this to landscape photography? In essence, you need to find the focal point, the one thing that people will be drawn to the most. This could really be anything – it’s down to figuring out what it is in your particular frame. Is it a tiny detail, like a cabin lost halfway up a giant mountain? Is it a centre point of the image, where everything converges into one place? Could it even be something that looks like an eye, to trick the viewer into looking closer?

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