Blueberry Pancakes just might be the most comforting breakfast ever. It’s hard not to think of weekend mornings at home with the family when chowing down on pancakes, and that’s exactly what this recipe is for! If you want to know how to make blueberry pancakes, it’s simple. This is a classic blueberry pancake recipe; light, fluffy, and fruity. And to top it all off, there’s a tasty homemade Lemon Sauce to pour on top!

Blueberry Pancakes stacked high with lemon sauce pouring on top


Blueberry pancakes are such a classic family breakfast. This blueberry pancake recipe is so fluffy and delicious, especially with the homemade lemon sauce on top!

Blueberry Pancakes are one of my favorite family breakfasts. Pancakes are such a classic and they never fail to please. I love how light and fluffy these pancakes are, and the fresh blueberries really burst with flavor. This blueberry pancake recipe is simple and straightforward. You’ll be making these pancakes every weekend!

It’s so nice to get the family together in the mornings for a tasty breakfast to start the day. Whip up some fresh blueberry pancakes, make some bacon, and don’t forget the homemade lemon sauce to finish it off!

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