8 Landscape Photography Tips For Wall-Worthy Photos

I have a confession for you today,

I am NOT a landscape photographer.

But when I find myself in situations where beautiful landscapes surround me, I want to be able to take a good shot that will do the scene justice. I want to be able to capture more than a quick snapshot – I want to take a photo I’d be proud to hang on my wall. So here are 8 things I’ve learned in my quest for those wall-worthy photos.


Light is KEY

Light is crucial for any type of photography, but with landscapes I’ve found it matters so much more. In a portrait session it’s easy enough to duck under some trees or behind a wall to find some shade for a shot. But you sure can’t do that with a mountain! You have to wait for great light to appear, and then take the shot. And if you don’t, and have only mediocre light? It’s going to give you a fairly mediocre shot.

Take the photo below, for example. It’s from a road trip of ours, when we stopped at a gorgeous lake in Jasper, Alberta, Canada.


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