4 Tips For Building An Effective Landscape Photography Portfolio

Landscape photography is just like all other forms of photography: to be a professional, you really need to build up an effective portfolio. Your portfolio website showcases the very best of your work, and demonstrates to potential customers and clients what you are capable of. For this reason, you need to work hard on making it as strong as possible – allowing you to gain more exposure and build your business (sell more prints, license more photos, fill up your photo workshops, land more assignments, etc.). Here’s how to build it from nothing to something you can be proud of.

Take a Lot of Photographs

Landscape Photography

They say that practice makes perfect – and, of course, you know already that it’s true. The more you try something, the better you will get at it. Go out as often as you can and take photographs of landscapes, even if they are only the ones on your own doorstep. Every view is important in some way.

If you live in the city and you can’t travel often, you can still practice using the cityscape as a landscape in itself. It’s not leafy trees and green fields that make up a landscape, but quite simply, the land. You can also find parks and smaller green spaces hidden away to explore.

The point is to keep shooting as often as possible. You can even go back to the same spot time and time again, so long as you keep trying new things and working out how to take even better photographs every time.

Review Your Work

Landscape Photography

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