20 Chefs’ Favorite Crazy-Quick Breakfasts

The hangover burger with waffled tots

“I like making a special breakfast burger — best served with a terrible hangover. I make tater tot buns with a waffle maker. Basically, taking defrosted store-bought tater tots and smashing them in a waffle iron, then searing a 5oz burger patty, melted American cheese, pickled onions, ketchup, and assemble.”  — Dale Talde, Talde (Brooklyn, New York/Miami, Florida), Thistle Hill Tavern (Brooklyn, New York)

Simple rice and veggies

“At my house, I always have a rice cooker going. My quick go-to breakfast is frying up an egg and tossing on some rice with pickled vegetables.” — Brandon Kida, Hinoki & the Bird (Los Angeles, California)

Green Salad with soft scrambled eggs

Zen soft-scrambled eggs

“Soft-scrambled eggs (recipe here!) are my favorite breakfast — and double for a light supper when accompanied with a green salad. I think the process of slowly cooking the eggs is as enjoyable to me as eating them. It’s not a rushed or stressful process. When I am barely caffeinated, cooking this dish makes for a soothing morning activity.” — Valerie Gordon, Valerie Confections (Los Angeles, California)

Shakshuka, seafood-style

“I love cooking breakfast! My favorite go-to breakfast on the fly is a seafood riff on a shakshuka. I almost always have a tomato sauce kicking around. I’ll sauté some shrimp in a cast-iron with cumin, paprika, cayenne, peppers, onion, and olive oil. Pour in the tomato sauce, some fresh oregano, parsley, and some mussels. Next I crack a couple eggs on top and bake it in the oven until the eggs are cooked but the yolk stays runny. Serve it in the pan with some toasted sourdough and enjoy my coffee.” — Bobby Will, Saltaire Oyster Bar (Port Chester, New York)

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