20 Chefs’ Favorite Crazy-Quick Breakfasts

While your 10-minute breakfast may consist of opening up a pack of Pop-Tarts in a glassy-eyed morning haze and setting the toaster to medium while contemplating if you have time to shower or not, professional chefs do their morning meals a little differently, even in a limited time frame.

If you have these 17 kitchen skills mastered, you can definitely make these 10-minute breakfasts at home. So do that, and then bask in the glory of what it would be like to wake up as a chef.

It’s the next best thing to waking up next to a chef — but in this case, there are no strings attached.

baguette breakfast

The French special

“My motto is, ‘No baguette, no breakfast.’ I always take home a baguette of the day when I leave the restaurant at night. My everyday breakfast is that baguette, lightly toasted with butter and jam or honey (and don’t tell anyone… sometimes Nutella). Then there is the art of dipping it into your cafe au lait… just for a quick second, as to not allow the butter to melt in it. On a special day you slice the baguette in the middle and lightly toast it, then you give it a light spread of butter, a slice of Swiss cheese, and put it back in the toaster for 30 seconds. Top it with a slice of ham and two sunny-side fried eggs. I like this breakfast because I can eat it while standing up by the kitchen and it takes less than 10 minutes, including the time to eat it.” — Jean Pierre Bosc, Kendall’s Brasserie and Bar (Los Angeles, California)

A classic combo

“Peanut butter and banana smoothie. The kids love it, too. For a little extra kick sometimes I add a ¼ cup of granola to give it a little texture.” — Geoffrey Zakarian, too many restaurants to name (all over)

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